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Welcome to - Everything About Museums in New York City is the ideal place to find out all you ever wanted to know about the best museums New York City has to offer. View each museum's upcoming events, along with a huge selection of photos, videos, articles and local businesses related to each location. You can search all New York city museums or browse by downtown museums, midtown museums and uptown museums.

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What makes NYC Museums the best source for checking out your favorite museums in Manhattan isn't just the huge selection of media and information at your fingertips, it's that we find content from all over the Internet and put it together in one place for you. Whichever venue you're looking for on our New York museums list, we have it all for you right on each museum's home page: photos, videos, articles, events, maps to help you get around, a bird's eye view to help you scope out the area, and a plethora of links to related sites you might want to visit for more museum information, including weather and travel information. We even want YOU to upload your own photos, videos and experiences to the museum home pages!

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There are so many amazing things to see at all the wonderful museums in New York, and the best source of new content is from our community members. People just like you. Maybe it was that big new exhibit, or maybe it was an intimate nook you've never found before, or maybe it was just something really cool you have to show off! Whatever you saw, share it with all our NY museums fans! Get started, and Upload something NOW!

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